The Samsung CLP500 Series Laser Printer – Provides Power And Versatility For Small Offices

A simple and compact machine, the Samsung CLP 500 printer is reliable and can provide quality and value for home and small office uses. Its price is competitive, and it has many features that make it a convenient addition. The set up for this printer is easy and the settings can set for custom use. The directions are easy to understand, making it ready to use almost straight out of the box. Additionally, the CLP 500 cartridges run sharp and efficiently, giving you the utmost in quality for your money.

The CLP 500 can print up to twenty black and white pages in sixty seconds. Up to five pages in sixty seconds is possible for color printing jobs. Each black cartridge of toner can provide up to seven thousand printed copies, and the color cartridges can print as many as five thousand before needing replacement. The monthly printing output for this machine is as many as thirty five thousand pages when printing in black and white.

Up to two hundred and fifty pages can be loaded into the paper cartridge that comes standard with this machine. There is also an optional tray that can be purchased that holds up to five hundred sheets of plain paper allowing for larger printing jobs to be achieved without having to stop and add paper to the tray. The standard memory is 64MB, but can be upgraded quite simply to 128MB.

It comes standard with a tray that allows for multi-use. Envelopes, labels, post cards and other types of papers can be loaded into this tray and be used when needed without having to stop and add them. There is no need for delays when switching the type of paper needed for different jobs. Duplex jobs can be done easily with this printer, and it can print photos of high quality as well.

This printer has different options available for hook up to a computer, network or wireless environment. For single computer use, either a parallel cable or USB can be used. To integrate network use, this device can be connected thorough the Ethernet port with an Ethernet cable. An optional card is available for using this printer wirelessly.

As an energy saving option, this printer features an auto power down that will put it into an idle mode when it has not been in use for some time. Upon power up or when coming out of idle mode it is ready for use within two minutes. This means that it is an energy saving machine.

Software installation and use is easy to understand. Settings can be customized as needed or desired for use in future print jobs. The color and black bulk toner cartridges are easily accessed through a door located on the side of the printer and makes changing cartridges simple and easy even in poor light.

The Samsung CLP 500 printer can add energy savings and versatility to small and home offices. The many features allow it to work for almost any print job. It operates with high-performance Samsung CLP 500 cartridges, and prints on a variety of different papers to allow for flexibility.