Can you live without this technology?

Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds every year and it seems like every few months some amazing new gadget gets launched. We don’t need all those gadgets, in fact only a handful of the gadgets on the market right now are indispensable. The rest of them like mp3 players or the iPad, or fun toys are really just status symbols and we can happily function without them.

Below we look at some of the latest technology which has had a huge impact on the way we live our lives:

GPS: How on earth did we find our way around before GPS systems came onto the scene? It is hard to imagine going back to using paper maps now that we have computers which can tell us every turn we need to take and even help us to find the nearest gas station or try to find us a detour around a traffic jam.

They aren’t perfect though. I mean for starters you need to enter the right destination, if there are two places with the same of similar names and you mess up then could end up in completely the wrong place Plus don’t forget they are expensive pieces of equipment, so probably the biggest worry that I have with owning one is that people will see the window mount and break into my car for it, although you can get a Garmin portable friction mount to help with that problem.

Internet: Some people might complain that this is not really a gadget or a piece of technology, but I think it is a form of technology and because of the huge impact it has had on all our lives then it deserves its place here. Think about how much the internet has changed our world and what we would do without it. Yes ok we do waste hours on the internet looking at pictures of cute animals or watching silly videos on YouTube of people hurting themselves, however there is a lot of other stuff it gives us. Like being about to use VOIP technology to call people on the other side of the world for free, or being able to research any topic we want in just seconds and find the answers we need, or sharing photos easily with everyone.

Smart Phones: Originally I thought about just putting the mobile on there as they are a permanent fixture in our lives now and are useful in so many ways, but the new smart phones are on a whole new level. Yes they do everything a normal phone would do, but they also offer so much more than that. You can have GPS on your phone so you can find places as you are walking along, you can also use that feature to find things to do or places to eat at as you walk along the road! It can also let you send emails, store photos, act as your mp3 player, and the apps you can get turn it into a games machine, an alarm clock, it can store your shopping list, allow you to edit photos and pretty much anything you can imagine!

Accessing the web with the TV

The Rise of Home Technology Gadgets

Computers continue to be an integral part of the daily lives for millions of people all over the world by offering the best platform for entertainment, work and multimedia. But while we make the initial steps into the twenty-first century, many household objects are being transformed into lean, mean, multi-tasking machines of the future.

The past couple of years have seen companies release HDTVs with Ethernet and Wi-Fi allowing your TV to connect to the Internet. This provides numerous forms of multimedia functionality. Technology manufacturers have been supplying high-resolution screens for many years but until recently they were too pricey for the home and personal market. However, production costs inevitably lowered and now HDTVs can be found in many homes.

Technological advances mean consumer demands also go up which means manufacturers incorporate even more new functions and features. Televisions (are also involved in this process. Considering the number of gadgets we have to use daily, streamlining our lives has become an alluring marketing strategy for the technology companies. Phones used to merely be phones, but now they have access to the Internet, have a camera built-in and may be used to listen to music. The Internet continues to be a key factor in advancing home technology.

Websites are itching to take advantage of the new opportunities. You can now access online television streaming and popular websites such as Twitter, all through a humble television. However, more and more services (such as online book marking and social networks) will undoubtedly be available soon. Imagine being able to store your favorites online and access them all without activating your computer. Personalization and customization have been integral to the success of the Internet. Imagine being able to design, create and launch a personalized homepage and then can get on with a button on the remote control called “my home page”.

Whilst most people enjoy the convergence of functions into one multi-functional gadget, some people do not like them. Reasons range from wanting to “switch off and get away from always being connected to the world” to just wanting to “use the TV as a form of escapism”.

Ultimately, a modern day laptop can do a much better job at providing online connections. But there is magic to be found when discovering new functionalities in traditional objects such as the new TVs.

The question arises then: should designers embrace innovation or stick with tradition? Is an indication from the advancement of technology into every part of our lives?